Volume 1 Number 2 2015

editors: Rachel Franks and Wendy J. Dunn




Rachel Franks and Wendy J. Dunn


"Social Consequences be Damned, it was Money for Jam":

the Kennett Era, Shane Maloney and the Writer as Vernacular Theorist

Carolyn Beasley, Craig McIntosh, and Jason Bainbridge


Seduction of the Serial Killer:

Representing Justice with Lecter, Dexter and the Death Note

Jason Bainbridge


Getting under the Skin to Read the Signs:

The Call of Classical Myths and Mysteries in Leigh Redhead’s Peepshow

Alistair Rolls and Marguerite Johnson




In Conversation


Angela Savage on The Dying Beach

 Nick Temelkovski


David Whish Wilson on his Frank Swann series

 Amanda Frost


Lenny Bartulin on Jack Susko

Carolyn Beasley

Elizabeth Heiter on her 'Profiler' series

 Amanda Frost



From the inaugural Historical Novel Society Australasia conference


Phryne Fisher: Feminism and Modernism in Historical Crime Fiction

Toni Johnson-Woods and Rachel Franks


Plucky Girls and Female Gentlemen: 

The Amateur Sleuth in Historical Mysteries

Kelly Gardiner