Detecting and (Re)Solving Conflicts in French Crime Fiction

Edited by Jean Anderson, Angela Kimyongür and Alistair Rolls



 Jean Anderson, Angela Kimyongür and Alistair Rolls


Social Conflict in Contemporary French Roman Noir

 Angela Kimyongür


Telling a War That Does Not Speak its Name: Yasmina Khadra’s Noir Novels

 Mohamed Aït-Aarab


The Female Investigator as Site of Conflicting Values in French Television Series: Iron Fist in Velvet Glove Redux?

Jean Anderson


Conflicts of Publishing Interests, or a Conflicted Case of Translation? Which Orchids for Miss Blandish?

 Alistair Rolls, Clara Sitbon and Marie-Laure Vuaille-Barcan


Introducing...Thanh-Van Tran-Nhut

Jean Anderson


Insights from Writers

Translated Excerpt: Spirit of the Vixen by Thanh-Van Tran-Nhut

Translated by Jean Anderson